Jeff Madsen Claims Another WOSP Bracelet

Rewind the clock to 2006 and a then 21 year old Jeff Madsen was not favored to win the big one, let alone edge out all the big names in poker at the time. It was the poker news websites and blogs that were a buzz when he even reached the final table and eventually got himself a bracelet. 2006 was a big year for Jeff, especially since he was so young and already had toppled a prize that most people only dream about. Even some long time participants in the tournament were surprised to get passed up by the youngster. Repeating that great run is not an easy thing to get done, and it proved to be taxing for the poker professional, until now. In event #35 of the Word Series of Poker, Jeff Madsen earned another bracelet and although it took him years to get to this point, it is one of the major news stories of the day when it comes to the game.

2006 has come and went, and while Madsen won two bracelets and became the youngest player to win the coveted World Series of Poker Player of the Year award, he hasn’t let it all rush to his head. The pro was able to outlast quite a pool of talent in event 35 pot limit Omaha with upwards of 640 people to get the third bracelet of his career and what a thrill it must’ve been to get to that final spot and then win it all. Alongside his bracelet and the glory that comes along with the victory he wins the first prize of $384,420 which is a nice little pot to go out with.

The places and brackets of the 35th event listed some heavy hitters so it wasn’t an easy win for Madsen. Some of the top players that placed in this event included Douglas Corning, Michal Maryska, Danny Hannawa, and Scott Clements just to name a few. The final table was not an easy one, with former champions right there playing for the top prize, and not being able to outlast the fast paced Omaha style poker game. The 3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha game proved to be a challenge for some veterans but in World Series form, those that were able to outlast and pursue greatness placed with some nice prize money overall.

The final table really heated up when Corning and Madsen were left playing against one another head to head. After a slight lead by Corning, Madsen turned things around and pushed to win for the first time in 7 years. It’s this sort of gameplay that has the poker world excited about the events that are shaping up with the World Series of Poker today. It was during heads up play that things really started to come together for Madsen, although he was able to outdo some others with tight gameplay and stellar hands that were just come out in his favor. Not to diminish his win, but a little bit of luck did seem to go his way, albeit, some tough at times.

Federal Government Not Thinking About Poker In Legislation

Despite the Department of Justice hearings going on, the federal government doesn’t seem to be thinking about the legalization of poker on a grand scale through the nation. In fact, while many applications for mobile phones are coming out, and a lot of states seem to be allowing online gambling within their states, interstate and national scale sites are going to be flying without a fully regulated bill going through the senate. Harry Reid commented on this very fact recently with a Las Vegas newspaper amidst the release of yet another website that allows in state poker gambling, despite laws in place that make it a grey area on a national scale. Not really the kind of news we all wanted to hear I’m sure.

Harry Reid was interviewed by the Las Vegas Sun and he spoke at length to confirm that despite the revenues of certain states declining overall, there were no major talks in the Senate in regards to legalization or anything in regards to gambling, specifically poker on the web. It was Reid that tried to help the whole process in 2012 but it seemed to fall on deaf ears, as is the case with a lot of bills that deal with the online world. Despite many components and fears of privacy rights getting taken away.

Reid was able to draft a solid plan that would allow a full legalization of online gambling with a focus on allowing states to not only opt out but prohibit this type of gaming. It’s this sort of forward thinking that should have been on the forefront of passing, but there are still a lot of naysayers within the ranks. Many of the players that are against gambling as a whole are hard to convince of anything to do with online gambling due in large part to the stigma that comes alongside gaming. There are several states that allow intrastate options, and many more seem interested in getting in on the fray as it can provide a great deal of revenue in hard economic times, but on a national scale, it just doesn’t seem to be doing so hot.

Republican support is to blame here, according to the paper, citing a memo from Reid’s office, proving yet again that it’s not for lack of trying that these things aren’t getting resolved. A full resolution of online poker would make great news amidst the World Series of Poker drawing a lot of attention recently. The technology is fully in place for a full scale online venture for those that want to play poker and do a bit of gambling, but it seems as though larger problems looms for the nation, and while bills that seem to be a good move forward get tossed to the wayside, there’s always hope for next year.

It remains to be seen what will happen next with Reid’s bill or if anything will be done to help states decide whether or not to allow interstate or even intrastate online poker rooms to flourish. The demand from players is definitely there, and it is only a matter of time before more sites start to fly under the banner of state’s rights rather than federal law.